Lean Startup

I just finished listening to this great talk (stanford ecorner podcast) by Eric Reis titled “Evangelizing for the Lean Startup”. The whole podcast is full of great advice for the startups but two of the major points I found really important were:

  • Startup Dollhouse Fallacy: startups are not miniature large corporations and therefore the startup internal structure should not mimic a large corps structure. The ideal structure for a startup is to split it along the two cross-functional lines – Customer and Solution. Those are the only things you should care about as a Startup.
  • Minimum Viable Product: build the product which has just enough features as to be barely usable and allows you to get feedback on the product. This is also what 37signals has been preaching forever.

Rest of the technical advice like continuous deployment, release early release often etc. are quite well known in IT circles. It’s amazing that all of what Eric says is common sense, but how often we end up following the wrong models, and run the companies right into a wall.

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