How To Track Your App Reviews Worldwide

We have just launched our first iPhone game (touchCarrom) and one thing I learned while doing research on the app store was that the reviews are not worldwide. Which is OK from a reviewers perspective, but as a developer you want to know what people have been saying about your application worldwide. One way to do it is to go to each country store and look for your app. This, however, is not very practical as you can imagine. A Google search on the subject resulted in an interesting application which I found to be really useful. The application is aptly called “AppReviewsFinder” and you can grab it at:

The application is not a native mac app, but a Java application. Which means you will have to run it in your terminal command line as following:

java -jar AppReviewsFinder_1_0.jar

You can then add the application for which you want the reviews. Here is a quick screenshot:

touch Carrom in AppReviewsFinder

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