Prifacy – the Facebook privacy app launches

Apple just approved Prifacy, an iPhone app that helps users make complete sense of their Facebook privacy settings.

While testing the app with real users we discovered how poorly understood the Facebook privacy settings are. Users were extremely surprised to find out everything they had been sharing without having any clue if they actually agreed to any of it.

Prifacy swings the pendulum back to users, who in our view should have a complete control over their privacy online.

Prifacy uses simple and easy to understand color codes to denote the level of potential threat depending on the current privacy settings. Users can drill down and on the most detailed level, the user can decide to change the settings by pressing lockdown button.

Prifacy is a first step toward giving users the tools to understand and fill the gaps in all things privacy online.

Grab it from the app store at:

Here is a sneak peek -
Prifacy - Facebook privacy fixed

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