Galaxy tab – first impressions

Being a passionate iPad user, I never gave Galaxy Tab much of a chance. Finally I got an opportunity to actually try out Galaxy Tab as part of a development project ZENTITY is working on. The project is exciting and probably one of it’s kind in this region, but more on that after the launch :-)

So, the Galaxy Tab. I assumed it will be a copy of the iPad in every form, I was quite surprised that except for the packaging and fact that it’s a full-screen device there is not much of a┬áresemblance. The difference is almost like using an Android phone over an iPhone. The UI is reasonably polished. There are a few glitches, e.g. you don’t expect things like an empty Samsung Apps Store. This will never happen on an Apple device, but hey, give Sammy a chance here, it’s version one.

The empty samsung apps store

Rest of it is what you would expect on an Android device. It’s possible to get used to it and be reasonably productive. While using the tab I thought to myself, wow, if Samsung had released something like this back in 2006, I can totally see myself falling in love with it. But, of course, we are not in 2006 and there is the iPad.

There was one surprise though. The Amazon’s Kindle App. It totally blows the iPad version and even the Kindle e-ink reader itself. The magazine reading is not even supported on the iPad and here I was using the full color version with images on a Galaxy Tab! This, coupled with Amazon’s recent announcement makes me believe that Amazon will be a power in the Android space very soon.

The Kindle app on Galaxy Tab

Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those Honeycombs.

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