The vision thing

“We are committed to demonstrating unquestionable dynamic metamorphosis by quality products and improved returns from the top down.”

“Our value proposition is to recontextualize modular capabilities to capture market share while exceeding expectations”

OK, those are not our vision or mission statements. In fact, those are generated by a computer (on a side note, the Dilbert mission statement generator is gone with the new redesigned site). There is even an app for that: But I can totally imagine some large corporate paying top dollars for a mission statement like that.

Every so often I am asked about our vision or mission. Growing up in India, one thing we were told from childhood was to not chase fame or fortune. Just add value and the success will follow. How does this tie into a vision statement? Does a company even need a vision statement? I think it’s Guy Kawasaki who suggests having a mantra. And things like Apple’s “Think Different” or Google’s “Don’t Be Evil” or “We Want To Organize World’s Information And Make It Universally Accessible” qualify as mantra.

So what do we care about at ZENTITY? Do we want to be next Apple/Google/IBM? Are we building a Zynga/ngmoco/Chillingo of Europe or the Czech Republic? No, the answer is rather simple: we are building ZENTITY. Just as Google was not next Yahoo. We are not next anything. And what do we care about at ZENTITY? It all started with a basic idea, way before we even had the name for the company: human potential is a terrible thing to waste. And that’s what we care about. Let every one, every single one become the best they can be. Great results come automagically (and it does seem like magic to some :-)). We combine that mantra with our belief and focus on mobility, which in our perspective is the most important phenomenon of our times. We put that together and let great people run with their ideas. That’s pretty much it. We have applied this successfully to areas as diverse as Gaming to Media to Financial Services. The common thread being: mobile solutions.

I think it’s Mark Pincus who suggested that everyone in your company should be a CEO of something. That makes total sense. And as Steve Jobs says: “when you’re the janitor, reasons matter. Somewhere between the janitor and the CEO, reasons stop mattering.”

So, there, we have our vision and mission on record. :-)

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