The new iPad – naming

Irrespective of whether it was Steve Jobs who came up the new name (noname?) for the iPad or it’s the post-Steve Jobs management team, this is a master stroke from Apple. This is a company that thinks decades in advance and you can see the signs of things to come in subtle ways. Back in 2007 when they dropped “Computer” from their name, it had to be obvious that they were signaling the dawn of a new era. An era which Apple will help create. The mobile and PC industry is still trying to understand the ramifications of that change.

The new iPad or dropping versions/numbering from the iPad name is a similar change. They could have called it iPad HD, iPad 3 or even iPad 2S and no one will blink. But they didn’t. And they didn’t do it because they want to pull the iPad away from the iPhone and generally the Smartphone market. The iPad was conceived before the iPhone with the vision for a post-PC world. In the PC world (including Macs of course), you do not see naming like MacBook 1, Macbook HD and so on. You go to a shop and you buy an iMac or a Macbook. Now there are, of course, different products in PC product lineup like Macbook Pro, iMac, Macbook Air and so on, but they do not signal a generational change. They simply fulfill a different need. This is what is going to happen to the iPad. You will buy the new iPad and not iPad this generation or that generation. This will also help with people waiting for the new generation and comparing the iPad with other “tablets”.

Will this work? Or better yet, why this will work?

With the iPad, Apple is in a class of its own. The copycats have not caught up in terms of technology, utility, ecosystem and even price after more than 2 years. With this move Apple has signaled that they are the only game in town. As always, Apple doesn’t care if the analysts and competitors have mis-understood them. The new iPad will blur the lines with PC even further and make people think of the iPad when buying a PC. With increased focus on creative tools for the iPad and better connectivity options, the iPad will replace the PC for a large number of users.

Now only if they will release Xcode for the iPad I can dump my Air completely. :-)

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