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An update

Posted in Startup on July 25th, 2011 by Abhishek Balaria – Comments Off

Even though I love blogging, for one reason or the other I simply can’t find time to keep our blog up to date. A lot has happened since my last blog post. We launched three more apps: Hyundai on Galaxy Tab, DuoFax on Android and REAL-CITY on Blackberry. In fact, calling them apps doesn’t do them much justice. I personally prefer to call them mobile solutions. The apps are created as solution to a need and a lot more than the native client component is involved.

In other tech news, Google+ was launched to great fanfare. I barely realized when I became +Abhishek, and it’s no wonder 20 million users were reached within days. The products packaging is fantastic and Larry Page is already making an impact (as if, PageRank was a small feat :-)). The sign of great companies is their ability to evolve. It’s pure darwinism. Evolving creatures can’t afford to have innovators dilemma. Eventually, Search will trump pure play Social Networking. The idea of circles not being symmetric is a genius. In one fell swoop, Google has challenged both Twitter and Facebook. For some reason, the most active person on my wall is Sergey Brin and I know all about his trip to Egypt. This would not be possible on Twitter or Facebook. Of course, whether anyone cares is not a question which technology can answer.